Dean's Research Scholars 2019-20

The Dean’s Research Scholars are a group of outstanding undergraduate students who represent the nearly 5,000 hard-working science and mathematics majors in the College of Natural Science.

Ally Brown

Environmental Biology - Zoology '20
Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I decided to attend MSU after visiting for a Green and White Day the summer before my senior year of high school. The feeling I got walking around campus that summer afternoon made me realize that this was the school I wanted to be at, and MSU ended up being the only college I applied to."

Cade Dembski

Physics and Clarinet Performance '22
East Lansing, Michigan

“MSU was the hometown university for me, so I had many connections here and was aware of all the unique opportunities in both cross-disciplinary studies and research that would be available to me”

Joe Faryean

Neuroscience '20
Monrovia, Liberia

“I wanted to attend a big university that had school spirit and great academics. MSU had a beautiful campus and felt welcoming compared to the other universities. As I learned more about MSU, I found a school focusing on improving undergraduate students’ experience by offering a residential college, providing students access to leadership, research, and service-learning opportunities. I knew that MSU was the school for me.”

Aalayna Green

Zoology '21
Clarkston, Michigan

“After spending a year going to a private, liberal arts college in Vermont, I came to the realization that I craved greater educational opportunities than were offered in the Green Mountain state. I remembered fondly the tours I had taken at Michigan State during my high school years, and after reading about the zoology major as well as the course offerings Michigan State had for my diverse interests, I decided to return to my home state and enroll at MSU.”

Kayley Irwin

Physiology '20
Twinsburg, Ohio

“I was drawn to MSU because of the opportunities available to me. I was excited to be awarded a Professorial Assistantship, which allowed me to complete research starting my freshman year. I also loved the East Lansing area: I really like the green space and old architecture around campus. Plus, the other students always felt like the kind of people I wanted to be around: driven, compassionate and grounded.”